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Does Audio Radar require any special software or drivers to be installed? What are the lengths of the cables that connect to each light bar, and are they suitable for a 65" TV? Is Audio Radar a cheat? Does Audio Radar need an internet connection to work? Who can benefit from Audio Radar? Can I use Audio Radar for non-gaming applications? How can Audio Radar help protect my hearing? Does Audio Radar show different colors for different sounds? Is Audio Radar compatible with all gaming consoles and PCs? Can Audio Radar be used with multiple monitors? Can I use Audio Radar with my mobile device? Can Audio Radar be used with headphones or external speakers? Can I use Audio Radar if my game console/PC is connected to an AV receiver? Can I use Audio Radar with a soundbar? Can Audio Radar be used for professional gaming or esports? Does Audio Radar introduce any latency in the gaming experience? Does Audio Radar affect audio quality? Does Audio Radar work with VR games? Can I use Audio Radar in a noisy environment? Can Audio Radar's LED lights be dimmed or turned off if they become too distracting? Can I change the color of the lights on Audio Radar? What are the top 5 benefits of Audio Radar? How does the Audio Radar's immersive sound-to-light conversion system work for gaming? Will Audio Radar work with PlayStation 5? How does Audio Radar's professional-grade selfie lighting studio function for video conferencing or streaming? What kind of games work best with Audio Radar's sound-to-light conversion feature? What factors in the gaming environment might affect the performance of Audio Radar? What are some recommendations for optimizing the use of Audio Radar in gaming? Where can I buy Audio Radar? Is there a warranty for Audio Radar, and what does it cover? What should I do if my Audio Radar isn’t working correctly? Will there be firmware updates for Audio Radar in the future? How do I install updates to Audio Radar? Are there any plans to release different sizes or configurations of the light bars to accommodate different displays? Are there plans to develop a mobile app for Audio Radar? Is this just an in-game audio interface? Can I use Audio Radar with USB on PC? Can I Use Audio Radar Alongside a Capture Card? Do the light bars activate when teammates are talking? Does Audio Radar work with a dual PC setup? Can I use the HDMI Passthrough without using the output? Only the front light bars are reacting to sound. Do you ship with European power supplies? Will Audio Radar work with the Govee AI Sync Box Kit?