How to Configure Audio Radar for 7 Light Bars

Audio Radar can be configured for either 6 or 7 Light Bars. By default, Audio Radar is configured for 6 Light Bars. We offer a dedicated center channel Single Light Bar available for separate purchase. Audio Radar must be configured for the 7th Light Bar.

This guide explains how to configure the Audio Radar system for a 7th Light Bar, enhancing your gaming experience with a dedicated center channel light bar.

Watch our YouTube tutorial here:


Or Follow This Step-by-Step Guide:

1.Ensure the 7th Light Bar is mounted in position and all cables are connected


*7th bar can also be placed on top of left & right lights bars for smaller displays

2. Configure the 7th Light Bar

  1. Power on your Audio Radar.
  2. Press the POWER BUTTON again to enter Standby Mode.
  3. Press and hold the FRONT BUTTON (Zone Column) for 4 seconds to update the light bar configuration 
    1. An animation will play to show and confirm the new configuration. Two white lights will start from the middle of the bottom Light Bars, move out and up the bars on each side, and meet in the middle of the new center channel light bar.
      Ensure the lights moving up the bars are in sync. If not, repeat the process.

3. Press the POWER BUTTON to exit Standby Mode.

Key Notes

  • The 7th Light Bar provides a dedicated center channel for indicating when a gamer is “on target” with a sound.
  • The configuration can be reverted back to 6 Light Bars by repeating the setup steps and holding the FRONT BUTTON for 4 seconds.


  • Ensure all connections are secure if the configuration process fails.
  • Verify the animation sequence for proper synchronization of the Light Bars. 


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