How to Save a Preset on Audio Radar

Learn how to easily save your preferred presets on Audio Radar.

Saving a preset on your Audio Radar allows you to customize and recall specific lighting and sound response settings tailored to your gaming or streaming preferences. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to save a preset, ensuring your Audio Radar setup is perfectly tuned to your needs. Follow these instructions to create, adjust, and store your ideal settings for quick access during your gaming sessions.

Intro to Presets

Audio Radar allows users to save and switch between customized settings for their LED light bars. You can save up to 6 presets: 

  • 3 for Live Mode - Responds to in-game sounds. Great for having presets for your top 3 favorite games!
  • 3 for Stream Mode - Optimized for streaming, video conferencing or just for a fun ambience! 

Check out this Youtube tutorial for a more detailed overview:


Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Press the ACTION button to enter Edit Mode. When in Edit Mode, all light bars start to pulsate green by default.  

Step 2: Press the HUE key to change the color of the Indicator Light.

*This won’t affect the entire light bar color, only the light that reacts to in-game sounds.

Step 3: Use the dial to find your desired color.


Step 4: Press the LEVEL button to change the brightness of the Indicator Light. Once again, use the dial to customize.

Step 5: Press the BEHAVIOR button to change the behavior of the Indicator Light. Once again, use the dial to rotate through the different options.

Step 6 (Optional): Press the HUE button to adjust the background color. Press the HUE button to change the background color & the LEVEL button to adjust the brightness. (BEHAVIOR cannot be changed at this step.)

*Want no background color? Just press HUE and rotate the center dial until you reach black.  

Step 7: Once you are happy with your settings, press and hold one of the preset keys (1, 2 or 3) for 2 seconds.

  • If you save over an already saved preset, it will overwrite the save.
  • The Preset Buttons breathe the color of your Audio Radar console when in Edit Mode.

Your preset is now saved! 
Repeat this process to save other presets in either Live or Stream mode to quickly switch between Light Bar settings! To edit Streaming, simply press the STREAM button in the ADJUST column to get started (instead of ACTION), then repeat Steps 2-7 above. 

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