How to Setup Voicemeeter Settings

Learn how to properly configure your Voicemeeter settings to optimize audio output and ensure seamless operation for all your gaming and streaming needs.

Voicemeeter is a powerful audio mixing tool that enables gamers, streamers, and audiophiles alike to split and route audio to different devices, a capability that standard PCs typically lack. By using Voicemeeter (or similar software), users can manage multiple audio inputs and outputs, sending specific sounds to various devices such as speakers, headphones, as well as your Audio Radar. This versatility is essential for users who require precise control over their audio setup, making Voicemeeter a perfect companion for Audio Radar. 

Watch our YouTube tutorial here:

Or follow the steps below to set up Voicemeeter Banana to use with Audio Radar:

*First, if you don't have it already, download Voicemeeter to your PC.


Step 1: Open System Sound Settings and Select Audio Radar

Step 2: Scroll down and select More Sound Settings

Step 3: Under Playback Devices select Audio Radar

Step 4: In the lower left corner, select Configure

Step 5: Select 7.1 Surround


Step 6: Select Test. You should see Audio Radar lightbars reacting to each channel test audio.


Step 7: Select Next until complete.

Step 8: Run VoiceMeeter


Step 9: Left click Sound Output in the lower left corner of your screen.

Step 10: Select VoiceMeeter Aux Input as your sound output device.

Step 11: Open Sound Settings and choose Voicemeeter Aux Input

Step 12: Repeat steps 6-10 to configure Voicemeeter Aux Input to 7.1 Surround


Step 13: Open Voicemeeter


Step 14: Configure A1 to WDM: Audio Radar


Step 15 (optional): Configure A2 to your desired speakers or headset. In this example, Astro A40 MixAmp.


Step 16 (optional): Configure A3 to your desired speakers or headset. In this example, Audioengine 2+ desktop speakers.


Step 17: Ensure you are seeing the correct Hardware Out settings.


Step 18: Ensure A1, A2 and A3 are selected and highlighted.


Step 19:

  • Set A1 to Normal mode, this sets A1 to 7.1 surround. 
  • Set A2 to Mix down A, this sets A2 to 2.1 Stereo.
  • Set A3 to Mix down A, this sets A3 to 2.1 Stereo.

*VoiceMeeter Tips

  1. Check options in below screenshot. Options located under the Menu.    
    This ensures VoiceMeeter starts every time you boot your PC.   

  2. Experiment with adjusting the levels of A1. This will boost footsteps and other sounds in the game.   

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